Well, I added a description to the RadiusProfile object.  Still can't add it to a user, but  I can to a group, which is probably what I want anyway.

I suspect user error on my part.  I'll go back to reading.

Roger Spencer wrote:
Has anyone had any luck getting the FreeRadius LDAP extensions into DS?

I've modified the RADIUS-LDAPv3.schema file that comes with FreeRadius (as of version 1.0.5) to what seems to match the format DS is expecting and placed it in the slapd config/schema directory as 75radius.ldif (see attached).  When I restart slapd, the file loads fine and I see it in the schema.  But when I try to add RadiusProfile to the Object class section of a user account (using the advanced settings), I get "Unknown error with naming attribute."

Any ideas?