We’ve got a large 389ds installation and have run into issues with ACIs not always behaving as expected. Where an ACI working on one node is not doing anything at all on a replicated node. Sometimes reducing the number of ACIs fixes the issue. Sometimes restarting a node fixes it. I have not found anything in an error log that has given me any pointers as to what the problem(s) might be.


So my questions:

Are there config attributes that control the working of ACIs? What are they and how should they be used?

Are there any limitations for the number and size of ACIs per 389ds instance or database?

Is there any best practices for troubleshooting ACI issues (like where some work on one server but not another)? Am I missing a log file somewhere?

Is there any documentation to consult specific to ACI operation? (Beyond syntax…) Source code even?



Anthony Winstanley

The University of British Columbia