Hi folks

At $WORKk we are having a  discusion about the scalability of different directory server products, and I thought I'd reach out and see anyone had any information that I could feed back into our dialogue.  There are three main points that i'm curious about, first the statement was made that Red Hat doesn't suggest RHDS 8.* for use in enterprise environments and instead suggests an LDAP server that uses or comes with Jboss (OpenDS or OpenLDAP maybe? I was a bit unclear on this point... ). Second, 389/RHDS is in fact just Sun Directory Server 5.0. And finally that RHDS/389 isn't compatible with the following products:

Weblogic 10g+

WebSphere 6+

OAM 10g/11g

OVD 11g

OIF 11gR3

OAAM 11g

OIM 11gR2

Sun IdM v6.1, 7.2, 8.1.1

I'd really like to be able to provide some constructive feedback to my collages, since the feels like a matter of misunderstanding and an opportunity to educate  each other.  

Thanks in advance for any feedback!