On gmail i have option replay next to every email. If you are using email client look in docs for your client.

Your error mean that CN (common name) field of certificate is wrong. It should be FQDN of 389. You need to make new server cert.

Good Luck!

2012/7/28 fosiul alam <expertalert@gmail.com>
I am not getting reply by email, so i cant click on reply...
how will i get reply by email ??


i think i have done something wrong  to create certs
I have used bellow script to create all the certificate :https://github.com/richm/scripts/blob/master/setupssl2.sh

now when i do this ,i get bellow error ..

ldapsearch -x -ZZ -D "cn=Directory manager" -w password -h ldap-2 -b "dc=fosiul,dc=lan"

ldap_start_tls: Connect error (-11)
    additional info: TLS: hostname does not match CN in peer certificate

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