Regarding superior attributes, I found this email from 4 years ago:

In it, "Mike" said "Seems that my schema conversion tool doesn't support attribute inheritance...[snip]...I will keep this in mind for a feature enhancement."

rfc2252 defines superior attributes, and it was something I was using in my schema definition since I have a lot of new attributes and all but 4 of them had one of 5 different configs of "EQUALITY|ORDERING" and "SYNTAX".  Not only was it cleaner to be able to just inherit the syntax and matching rules, it also was faster ;)  Obviously, it doesn't keep me from doing anything.

Was this ever looked at again for a feature enhancement?  Is it already available, if I do X thing?

During the schema reload, I got this error (for context):

dse - The entry cn=schema in file /etc/dirsrv/slapd-(server)/schema/97hosting.ldif is invalid, error code 21 (Invalid syntax) - attribute type nocastr128: Missing parent attribute syntax OID

I got it because I was using "SUP nocastr128" in an attributeType, after defining an attributeType of nocastr128 with the base components I wanted to inherit.

Brian LaMere

ps - I have 2 more emails I'm sending; since they are on different subjects, I thought I'd break them into different emails.  Please let me know if this was a bad idea and I won't do it again.