On 11/03/2017 11:48 AM, Sergei Gerasenko wrote:

Some basic questions about the changelog:

1. What’s the location of the changelog where I can look up a CSN?
typically its something like:


To look at the replication changelog you need to use the cli tool "cl-dump.pl"


2. How do I see the setting for the max life of a CSN?
There is no "max life" of a csn.

There is replication purging and changelog trimming that uses csns in RUV's to determine what can be removed.  The admin guide talks about these in more detail.
3. How do I view a particular CSN (i.e. its contents)?


Breaks down like this:

    59f9e547 0002 0001 0000

The first 8 bits is the timestamp in hex: 59f9e547  -->  1509549383 seconds since EPOCH
the next 4 is the sequence number (0002)
the next 4 is the replica ID (0001)
and the last 4 is the subsequence number (0000)


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