I got a question on how to move administration servers.

In my network I do have at present 3 subnets that are managed by 389ds.

Lets call them Net-A, Net-B and Net-C. Each subnet hosts a replica of the
ldap tree. All ldap/admin servers are registered to the admin server on Net-A.

Due to some network restructurings Net-A will become a more or less "private"
networks. And I also will add 10 more networks (each will host a replica) to 389ds.
They all should register to a new adminserver in Net-C.

So I need to move the central admin server from Net-A to Net-C. Is this possible
while being in production? As I understand 389ds the adminservers are independant
of the slapd processes doing the concrete ldap. For Net-A there will be a hole
in the firewall to allow traffic to port 389,636 and 9830 to the other networks.

Any advice on how to accomplish the move of the adminserver de- and reregistration?

Thanks in advance for your help,