Running Fedora Directory Server v 1.0.2 on Fedora Core 4


I can access the directory server just fine anonymously but I can not bind as a user with a password. I am an AD guy slowly moving to Linux so it could very well be me.


The FDS is a fresh install; I was able to sync users from my Windows 2000 AD. I know that the password do not sync up so I created a simple web page using php and ldap_mod_replace to set / change users passwords. This page works; I bind to a user w/o a password. I can even set the password using the page. But I can not bind as a user using a password, but for some odd reason even if a user has a password I can bind anonymously to them and set the password (I assume it’s a ACL setting that is causing this). My main problem is binding as a user with a password. I have also tried an LDAP query with Mozilla Thunderbird and get similar results binding as anonymous I have no problems but if I try as a user I get nothing.


Thanks in advance for your help.

Gregory Rich

IT Manager

Harmonix Music Systems