On 05/10/2012 06:37 AM, Moisés Barba Pérez wrote:

I'm upgrading one 389DS machine from 1.2.5 to and I have found a problem when replicate the schema from another 1.2.5 DS machine.

I had created an attribute like this:

attributeTypes: (
  NAME 'xxxxx'
  DESC 'yyyyy'

and at replication time get this error:

[10/May/2012:14:35:31 +0200] attr_syntax_create - Error: the EQUALITY matching rule [caseIgnoreIA5Match] is not compatible with the syntax [] for the attribute [xxxxx]

   Is there a default equality matching rule for this manual attributes???

Yes, but by default (DirectoryString) should use caseIgnoreMatch, not caseIgnoreIA5Match - not sure what's going on here, why it is trying to use IA5 with DirectoryString.

Have I to modify the attribute with a equality matching rule for it in the original 1.2.5 DS to be able to replicate???

Should you have to do this?  No.  Is there a bug that is preventing this from working correctly, and if you add a valid matching rule to your schema definition, will that make schema replication work?  Possibly.

Is it a problem between versions??? If someone could help me i will appreciate it.


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