I have two LDAP Servers setup (Server A and Server B). Both of them have the identical suffix (o=suffix). Again, both of them have a people organizational unit (ou=people,o=suffix). Server B has a big subtree (ou=region B,ou=people,o=suffix).
My intension is to create a db link on Server A, which links to the ou=region B,ou=people,o=suffix subtree on Server B.
I did create the database link and a new suffix l=location B,ou=people,o=suffix on Server A with the following entries:
dn: cn=serverBlink,cn=chaining database,cn=plugins,cn=config
objectclass: top
objectclass: extensibleObject
objectclass: nsBackendInstance
nsslapd-suffix: ou=region B,ou=people,o=suffix
nsfarmserverurl: ldap://serverB:389/
nsmultiplexorbinddn: cn=proxy admin,cn=config
nsmultiplexorcredentials: secret
cn: serverBlink
dn: cn="l=location B,ou=people,o=suffix",cn=mapping tree,cn=config
objectclass: top
objectclass: extensibleObject
objectclass: nsMappingTree
nsslapd-state: backend
nsslapd-backend: serverBlink
nsslapd-parent-suffix: "ou=people,o=suffix "
cn: "l=location B,ou=people,o=suffix"
I am only interested in reading the server B information, when accessing from server A. The "proxy admin" user was created as well.
When I do a search with the base l=location B,ou=people,o=suffix, accessing server A, I always get the following error "Proxy dn should not be rootdn".
What did I miss for the setup?