Hi Brian,
could you please provide your full Password Policy setup (but global and local, entries and attributes)?

Please, check this chapter for the details:


On Mon, Nov 15, 2021 at 8:37 AM Brian Collins <rbriancollins@gmail.com> wrote:
Good day all.

We recently updated our 389-ds infrastructure from on RHEL 7
to, installed via epel-modular, on RHEL 8.

Since that time, it appears that our local password policy setting of
"pwdmustchange" is not working.  If I apply a global policy, it does
seem to work, but we prefer to keep it as a local policy applied to a
subtree (ou=People,dc=example,dc=com).

# dsconf -y ~/dirman.txt -D "cn=Directory Manager" pro02 localpwp get

Local User Policy Policy for "ou=People,dc=example,dc=com":
passwordstoragescheme: ssha512
passwordchange: on
passwordmustchange: on
passwordhistory: off
passwordadmindn: cn=siteops sa,ou=sa groups,dc=example,dc=com
passwordexp: off
passwordminage: 0

With the above settings, but the global policy for passwordmustchange
set to "off", an administratively-changed password (done by Directory
Manager) does not require a change on first login.  If I change the
global policy to on and reset the user's password again, it does
require a change.

Again, time-wise, this seems to have begun with our move from 1.3 to
1.4.  To do the upgrade, we introduced 1.4 servers then created
replication agreements with them.  Then we removed the 1.3 servers (I
hope that was the right way to do it; didn't think much about it at
the time).

It would not surprise me if I am doing (or have done) something wrong
here, but I'm unable to pinpoint what.

Thank you in advance,
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