I use ldapadmin too, and reported a few bugs but I didn't notice this one.  I see that once you add a user to a group, all it does is add a MemberUID attribute to the group, so I don't think it should matter either way.  I just tested this with samba, and it seems to work for me, however i'm just using workgroups, not PDC ot ADS.  The only thing I can think of is the ldap group directive in smb.conf. 
ldap group suffix = ou=Groups

On 4/2/08, Alan Orlič Belšak <alan.orlic@zd-lj.si> wrote:

I'm using LDAP Admin for administering our  user database and found out something strange, if I add user to group via group properties, the permisions of that group aren't effective, but if I add group to that user (via user properties), those permisions are effective. Any ideas why? Looks like Samba and eGroupware are checking only users and not groups.

Bye, alan

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