We have two Windows server 2003 domain controllers and I installed passsync on both servers in order to sync password changes to our 389 LDAP. On one domain controller, it appears passsync is working correctly as I can see in the passsync.log when I change a password through that domain controller. On the other domain controller, when I change a password I do not see any activity in the passsync.log at all. I have passsync on both domain controllers set to verbose logging. I also restarted both domain controllers after installing passsync.

On the domain controller that is not syncing passwords the log appears as:

02/18/15 07:52:59: PassSync service initialized
02/18/15 07:52:59: PassSync service running
02/18/15 07:52:59: No entries yet
02/18/15 07:52:59: Password list is empty.  Waiting for passhook event

Does anyone have an idea of what the issue could be?

Dan Franciscus

Systems Administrator

Information Technology Group

Institute for Advanced Study