Hi Alex,

It definitely works, and that error means you did not "initialize" your new server/replica.  Looks like you just setup a replication agreement, but not initialize the remote replica.  Once initialized the new server will have the same database generation id and replication updates will flow.


On 4/2/24 5:26 PM, Nazarenko, Alexander wrote:

Hello colleagues,



We plan to move our LDAP service from 389DS 1.3.9 on RHEL7 to 389 DS 2.3.6 on RHEL 9 platform.


Question: is it possible to attach a 389 DS 2.3.6 consumer to 389DS 1.3.9 supplier for seamless transition, and get the data replicated in real time?


My first attempt produced an error about different database versions.

Maybe it is not supposed to work?


Thank you,

- Alex




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