On 08/31/2012 11:38 AM, Alberto Viana wrote:

I´m tyring to test a SSL connection from one server(linux) to 389DS using openssl:

openssl s_client -connect MY_389_SERVER:636 -cert local_server.crt -key local_server.key -CAfile CA-AD.crt 

And I got this error on my 389DS log:

[31/Aug/2012:14:04:57 -0300] conn=146531 Netscape Portable Runtime error -8101 (Certificate type not approved for application.); unauthenticated client E=email@email.com,CN=server.my.domain,OU=GTI,O=COMPANY,L=Rio de Janeiro,ST=Rio de Janeiro,C=BR; issuer CN=MY AD

The both certificates (my 389DS and local server(linux) were generated by my AD Server. Just to notify that I already import my CA certificate into 389 database (I have AD password replication working using the AD CA).

What am I missing?

Is your server cert (local_server.crt) also approved to be used as a client cert?

openssl x509 -in local_server.crt -text

Thanks a lot.

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