Dear Dan ,


Many thanks ,

I will back to you after  I re the work again and give you my feedback .


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Husam .


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They are plenty of step by step instructions to do what you are trying to do. You can refer to the Red Hat documentation or the 389 documentation.


Also it is normal for the CA certificate to show up in the server tab if you generated the CA certificate on the LDAP server, any certificate with the private key in the database will appear as a server certificate. For example when you export the CA and move it to a second server it will not show up in the server tab then.


In addition, when generating a CSR using the GUI (idm console) you must stick with it, because the CSR will create the key in the db. If you are pursuing the command line using certutil, you must convert the x509 certificates (three files usually, private, public and ca into pkcs12 format.


Here is a link to understand and configure ACIs.


I hope this helps.




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Subject: [389-users] Manual & help step by step


Dear friends,


Anyone can help me ?

I have install the directory , on centos

I want to make certs and install it on the server

I have tried many ways but all not working  , one way with p12 , when uploading the certificates it's both appear in the server tab even the CA .

The other way with openssl  in this case I can't upload the certificate on server tab its only appear on the CA tab .


Also I want some help setting Acyls

Like I want to have many admins each one can control his group no access for the other groups


Many thanks in advance .