It would seem that my LDAP is up and running but I'm still trying to finish the upgrade process as outlined here:

Specifically I'm told to run the following commands:

cd /opt/fedora-ds/slapd-yourhost
./db2ldif -U -s o=netscaperoot -o /tmp/nsroot.ldif

After doing the above command, I get the following error:

[root@low-mgt-101 slapd-low-mgt-101]# ./db2ldif -U -s o=netscaperoot -o /tmp/nsroot.ldif
usage: ns-slapd db2ldif -D instancedir [-n backend-instance-name] [-d debuglevel] [-N] [-a outputfile] [-r] [-C] [{-s includesuffix}*] [{-x excludesuffix}*] [-u] [-U] [-m] [-M] [-E]
Note: either "-n backend_instance_name" or "-s includesuffix" is required.

Can someone help me out?