Can you provide the exact replication agreement entry you are trying to add? 
The errors log are at:  /var/log/dirsrv/slapd-YOUR_INSTANCE/errors - anything in there related to the error 53 (unwilling to perform)?

Now I don't know much about Directory Server in RHEL5 (that's very old), but I would also look at the replication docs:

Anyway the first thing you need to do is reinitialize the agreements that have not been working, and that is covered in the link above.  Getting to a newer version of Directory Server will require you to move to RHEL 7, and you shouldn't do that until you get replication working.  Then the migration path will be easier.


On 02/28/2018 11:45 AM, JESSE LUNT wrote:
Hey Kevin,

    I am doing a one-way replication (for now). I believe I have replication accounts on both machines. Honestly I didn't know to look. Are they local user accounts or is there accounts/ permissions in the directory? How can I tell? I would like to replicate all attributes. 

On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 9:35 AM, Kevin C. Kelly <> wrote:

Hi Jesse,

Can you share some details about your replication agreement?  For example - what type of replication are you doing - one way or multi-master, you have replication accounts on both servers, you confirmed the replication passwords are correct, are you replicating all of your attributes or only some of the attributes, etc. 

Other thoughts include:

1.  Do both servers have the same schema loaded?
2.  Are you seeing any errors in any of the logs?

- Kevin

On 2/28/18 9:26 AM, JESSE LUNT wrote:

      I have inherited a 389 LDAP environment, which is running on  RHEL 5.5 server. There are two RHEL 5.5 servers in the LDAP environment (389ds1 and 389ds2)

Currently the directory is only on one system as the replication hasn't been working for aprox a year (yikes!!!) I am trying to create a replication agreement between two servers. When I add the replication agreement I receive an error " LDAP server is unwilling to perform" 

My thought is before I introduce a newer version of the LDAP I should try to get the replication between the two existing servers working.

Any thoughts on where to begin troubleshooting this? I am a 389 LDAP noob....




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