On 02/06/2013 06:55 AM, yp wrote:
Hi all,

I'm testing the 389 DS on centos 6 and I had a problem with the
certmap.conf file.

The certmap.conf file exists (and there is no symlink between them) at
2 locations : /etc/dirsrv/config and /etc/dirsrv/slapd-instancename.
The documentation
says that we need to edit /etc/dirsrv/config/certmap.conf, but during
my testing, after modifying this file and restarting the server, the
mapping did not work. And I needed to edit the conf file in the
slapd-instancename to be able to authenticate via a client-certificate.

Right.  Please file a doc bug.

It seems that /etc/dirsrv/config/certmap.conf is not used at all ( I
removed the file, restarted the server and authentication was working).
It is used as the template for creating new instances.

I don't know if I missed something but is the documentation outdated
about this point ? And what is the purpose
of /etc/dirsrv/config/certmap.conf ?

Please file a doc bug.

By the way, in some examples of the documentation, the DNComps property
has the DC keyword but this attribute is not listed in the available
RDN keywords. Should I open a bugzilla report about this ?

Yes.  DC has been in there forever - not sure why it was missed in the docs.

I must also say that the documentation about 389 DS has impressed
me by its very high quality and quantity of information therein.


Best regards,

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