I hope I have replied correctly this time.


Yes I created the certs on both machines using this link:



walking through each step one at a time.  As you see I created a Server-Cert and the serial number 1000,1001,1002 for both servers.  I can understand if I should have put 1000,1001,1002 for 1 machine and 1100,1101,1102 for other machine.  I followed the instructions on the link you sent me to delete existing cert and replace with my new one for server b which was exported from server a.  This time I did not receive error messages when importing, however I still get the message 81 can’t contact ldap server.


Hope this information helps helps me understand how this works better as this is the last step.

On 08/31/2011 09:12 AM, David Hoskinson wrote:

This seems to be getting me somewhere…. Thanks for the quick response ….


I have run the following commands on the master


$ certutil -S -n "consumer-Cert" -s "cn=xxx.stag.cle.us" -c "CA certificate" -t "u,u,u" -m 999 -v 120 -d . -k rsa

Do you have another cert (server cert or ca cert) with the same -m value?  The value given to the -m argument must be unique for every cert.


$ pk12util -d . -o consumer-cert.p12 -n Server-Cert


And then copied consumer.p12 and cacert.asc to /tmp on server B

When I tried to import the replication consumer cert into other 389 DS I receive the following error


[root@xxx302 slapd-adm302]# pk12util -d . -i /tmp/consumer-cert.p12

Enter Password or Pin for "NSS Certificate DB":

Enter Password or Pin for "NSS Certificate DB":

Enter password for PKCS12 file:

pk12util: using nickname: xxx.stag.cle.us

pk12util: PKCS12 decode import bags failed: You are attempting to import a cert with the same issuer/serial as an existing cert, but that is not the same cert.



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On 08/31/2011 08:45 AM, David Hoskinson wrote:

I have setup 2 servers running the following versions of 389 Directory server














I have also enabled ssl and created the appropriate certs for each machine.  I am able to set each machine as a client so I can test that from server A, I can login to server A while being authenticated by server B and vice versa.


The last problem that I seem to be having is setting up replication.  I have enabled the changelog, created a replication account, and enabled replica.  When I create my replication agreement on the userRoot, the supplier shows as server A port 389 and the consumer shows as server B 636.  I am using Use TLS with ldaps, and simple bind with my replication account and password.  I next leave enable fractional replication unchecked, always keep directories in sync and initialize consumer… this is on server A and done.  I get the following error message.  Consumer initialization has unsuccessfully completed.  The error received by the replica is ’81 – LDAP error: Can’t contact LDAP server’


I believe I am reading that in some manner the cacert.asc from server A has to be on server B and the cacert B has to be on server A


but am not sure and having problems with this.


Any help with this would be appreciated and can provide additional information if needed…


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