Summary: Make random password generation work with policies

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cvs diff (passwd_extop.c)

Thank you to Nathan for the review and the discussion!

As you suggested, I changed the code to randomly choose the rest of the specified
characters (characters specified by, e.g., minuppers or mindigits).  Also, I added 
error messages to log in the errors log as well as to return to the client.  Please 
take a look at the next attachment for the messages.

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generated password sample + error messages

Added error messages are for
1. when passwordMinCategories is 5, which expects the generated password to
include 8-bit character(s).  Password Generator does not support such a
2. when passwordMin8Bit is set. 

Also, fixed the bug pointed out by Nathan in Comment#3.

Lastly, the generated password sequence looks more randomized!

Summary: Make random password generation work with policies

Description of problem:
passwd_modify_generate_passwd (passwd_extop.c) always generates 8-bytes random
characters made by PK11_GenerateRandom and ldif_base64_encode.  It needs to
generate a password which follows the password policy if it's defined.

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cvs diff (passwd_extop.c)


1. Renamed passwd_modify_generate_passwd to
passwd_modify_generate_basic_passwd, which algorithm is used when no specific
password rule or just the minimum length is given.
2. If some other rules are set, passwd_modify_generate_policy_passwd is called
and generates a password which fulfills the requirement.

Note: this password generator does not support passwordMin8Bit.  If it
generates a password which includes 8-bit characters, most likely they won't be
able to be displayed or input from the users' keyboard.  We should note it in the

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generated password sample

Attached is the sample output from ldappasswd.    Do you think this quality of
the randomness satisfies the requirement?

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